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Full Mouth Immediate Implant Reconstruction with Lateral Sinus Grafting Techniques

CE Credits: 
Course Date: 
Oct 18, 2019 to Oct 20, 2019

With 25 million edentulous patients, the need for full mouth immediate dental implant reconstruction is greater than ever. This comprehensive course provides a thorough approach to fully guided full arch and full mouth immediate dental implant and restoration placement, including the use of lateral sinus grafting techniques in single unit implant and full arch solutions. Combining straightforward, engineering based surgical and evidence based restorative practices with laboratory protocols and concise digital workflow offers a unique solution that achieves predictable surgical and restorative results. The course will analyze best practices in comprehensive, implant dentistry.

Best completed in tandem with Stanley Institute Implant Continuum. Special pricing is available for continuum students.

This course will satisfy the North Carolina Dental Board Opioid Prescriber annual requirement. 

Patient Selection for Full Arch Immediate Implant Reconstruction
Proper Surgical Instrumentation selection
Maxillary sinus anatomy
Virtual/Digital planning for predictability
Implications of Teeth Xpress (Custom Prosthetic vs Conversion Denture Protocol)
Digitally Planned Fully Guided Surgical, Restorative and Laboratory protocol
Guided Surgery Work Up and Guide Fabrication
Immediate Dental Implant Placement- Criteria for Success
Key Implant Locations
Immediate Loading of Full Mouth/Full Arch Restoration
Pharmacology and Opioid prescribing
Treatment Planning for the Edentulous Maxilla
Sinus grafting rationale
Sinus grafting pharmacology
Instrumentation for sinus grafting
Sinus lift vs. lateral sinus surgery
Treatment planning for the edentulous maxilla
Hands-on lateral sinus grafting procedure

This course will be held at

Stanley Institute:

3731 NW Cary Parkway
Suite 200
Cary, NC 27513
United States
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